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We love guardian families! 
We are breeders of wonderful Sheepadoodles, Poodles and Goldendoodles. We love having our dogs on the farm but also want each of our dogs to have the fulfillment of living and loving their own family so we created our guardian family program. 

The program allows our very best dogs to live with their own families and return to us for breeding and birthing. It allows families to have the "pick of the litter" at a fraction of the cost ($300) of buying one of our puppies and also pays the family when the dog delivers a litter. At the end of their obligation to us they dog stays with the guardian family permanently as a beloved pet. There are many benefits to being in our guardian program, from free daycare and boarding to professional grooming.  

We have adult dogs also, contact us for more details. 
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Frankie is our lucky girl. She was with another breeder, I went to pick up a poodle pup and the breeder made the wrenching decision that Fankie and her 8 week old pup Flo (Flower) needed a new home. The breeder had decided she wanted to scale back. It was fate, Franking and Flo came to live with us and 3 days later the breeder lost her kennel to fire and all her precious pups. Frankie is a full 5 year old Australian shepherd with crystal clear blue eyes. She is a girl that would rather be with you than anything else. She is shy around men and a man will need to prove his intentions and go slow to gain her trust. Women and kids she loves. Frankie will be having at least one more litter then be spayed and go to live in a forever home. 
Rain is a gorgeous Merle Standard poodle with white, tan, blue and black coloring. She is around 18 months old . She is trained in basic commands, leash trained, house trained. She is as smart as a whip and has not begun her career as a Mom