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All puppies born on our farm raised using an intensive socialization and training process. Puppies will be trained to litter box, leash, clicker, recall and sit trained. They are highly socialized with all types of people and situations. We practice noise habituation protocols. 
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Sheepadoodles in North Carolina. 

Our puppies are $1800. A $500 deposit is needed to hold your place in the selection order. 

Deposit form with Instructions
Notes about our Deposit list: We have one master list for the remainder of 2020 litters not separate lists for each different generation or doodle available. Puppies are chosen in order of the date the deposit was received. When each litter is born, we will release how many puppies will be available, those at the top of the list will have the opportunity to commit to the litter or wait for a later litter. We have several families on our list that has chosen to wait on the puppy that has "the look" they are wanting or the timing to bring home a puppy is not right. The number on the wait list does not reflect the wait time for a puppy. 

We closely estimate breeding dates and due dates, yet there is never a guarantee as to when we will have a litter. There are also occasions where a breeding does not produce a litter or a smaller litter results. These are factors beyond our control, so please take this into consideration when contemplating adding your name to the deposit list. There can be a bit of a wait if you are looking for a specific sex or color of a puppy. 
Master Deposit List
1. Stephanie B.
2. Joey S.
3. Jane D.
4. Tommy W.
5. Allison M.
6. Joy V.
7. Rhonda G. *
8. Gary B.
9. Raegen D.
10. Heather A. *
11. Jon A.
12. Jamie L. 
Upcoming Pairings: Breed date
Ginger x Mikey                    Jun/Jul 2020 
Carmen x Chase                   July 2020
Ladybug x Chase                  July 2020
Merideth x Chase                 July 2020
Violet x Chase                     July/Aug 2020
Lola x Hank                        Sept Oct
To place a deposit on a puppy, click on the form below, fill it out and email it to along with your deposit.