A Sheepadoodle is one of the best designer breeds. They are achieved by crossing an Old English Sheepdog with a Standard Poodle. Sheepdogs are wonderful dogs that family-friendly, with a personality to please you. Crossing a Sheepdog with a Poodle, give you a dog that is significantly more and they are non-shedding with a soft, wavy coat to very curly. The hybrid of these two breeds produce a healthy dog and reduces the risks of health issues that each breed carries. 

Our sheepadoodle puppies are available for immediate reservation once 7 weeks old. This means that those with deposits will reserve the puppy they want in the order of deposits received. If the puppy you've chosen doesn't meet your expectations once you've come to pick him/her up then your deposit will be refunded in full, you have no obligation to take them home. If the puppy you've chosen, for any reason, is not fit for sale after their vet checkup, your deposit will be refunded in full or can be transferred to a later litter.Blue eyed puppies will be priced higher and not until eyes open and are clear (7 weeks).
Pups start at $1800
 Momma: Thelma - AKC Old English Sheepdog
Sheepadoodles: with Mother Natures Cooperation we planning a fall 2018 & spring 2019 litter.  
        Next litter due Sept 28, 2018. 
Poppa - Micah (Mikey) AKC Standard Poodle
Momma and Poppa with summer haircuts. 
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Sheepadoodles in North Carolina. 
Next Litter Reservation List: In order of deposit
 1. Karen L.
2. Amy T.
3. Natasha D.
4. Lacey O
5. Donagh N.
6. Debbie N. 

Litter due Sept 28th. 
At this time I am taking no more deposits but can put you on the notify list. 
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Spring 2018 Litter Deposit List

#1. Catherine V.
#2. Sullivan G.